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Evaporative Air Conditioning Perth

Evaporative World provides evaporative air conditioning in Perth. Evaporative World is a partnership with Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning. We have been in the Air Conditioning industry since 1985 and are Perth’s largest residential and light commercial air conditioning company.

With 9 Stores in Perth and the South West and over 100 staff, Ford & Doonan built their business on customer service and doing the job right.

Ford & Doonan now recognise evaporative air conditioning as a growth market. With energy costs on the rise and the benefits Evaporative offer in this regard, it is time Ford & Doonan entered this market.

Evaporative World is now the best option when you decide to install evaporative cooling.

We have access to all the best brands including the Aolan.

We understand how to install an evaporative system the right way, and how to back up what we sell with excellent after sales support.

Evaporative World, the best choice to make when buying an evaporative air conditioning system in Perth!

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